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Knowledgeable and fantastic

Posted by Alyssa
June 30th

I had one of those Park Avenue lawyers billing me at $700 an hour. A friend of mine who is friends with a judge in Manhattan said to contact Joshua. He will get the job done and done right for less money. I figured if a judge is recommending someone it has to be spot on. And spot on it was. My divorce case going on for three years was over within 5 months of hiring Josh! He avoided going to trial and reasoned with my ex and his attorney and got me MORE than I was hoping! I have recommended him to two of my friends and both have hired and love him and his staff! You want something done professionally and compassionately? Then josh Katz and his staff is the way to go!!

Excellent Attorney Really shows he cares for his clients

Posted by anonymous
December 18th

I was a little nervous at first..but my experience with my Attorney Joshua Katz was Excellent. He explained everything to me in detail and everything I needed to know to protect myself. I felt very comfortable with him and would highly recommend him to family and friends. Despite other reviews and some people's opinion to me a busy Lawyer is a hard working lawyer with high demand for his professional expertise. I wouldn't want to higher someone who sits by the phone just waiting for the next client to call, to me that's someone who has not established high clientele. People have to understand a person can only do so much in a day and people have to be patient. Mr. Katz and his staff are very professional and respectful. Every time I have called he always Called me back the day of or the following day. He is and outstanding Lawyer and I hope my experience will help others who are looking for a lawyer With a lot of knowledge and who is passionate for his work and who is very caring for his clients I wouldn't look any further If your looking to be protected higher Joshua R. Katz


Posted by Flore
July 22nd

Great lawyer, great professionalism!!! I filed for an annulment instead of divorce because of my ex intention to wrong me. I went alone with the case not knowing it was gonna be possible to win. It took a little longer because my ex was very uncooperative but at the end I was a winner. I got a judgment of annulment. Thank you again Mr. Katz!!!

Divorce & Family Law

Posted by Marie
July 21st

Joshua Katz & his staff have handled my case consistently in a very diligent & compassionate manner especially with respect to my children, two of whom have special needs. In each stage of litigation, he returns calls & communications promptly & with focus on the issue at hand. Most importantly, he has the experience needed to protect & advise concerning future angles & rights connected with my case. You know that your case is being given every chance it deserves with Mr. Katz. As a family, we are so grateful for what Mr. Katz has accomplished.

It doesn't get better than Joshua Katz, esq

Posted by Kay
July 20th

Mr. Katz was a God send. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and flexible. He understood my divorce not only as a legal matter, but as an emotionally challenging ordeal and at times a logistical nightmare. Mr. Katz was able to safeguard my interests while dealing with custody challenges , division of assets and long term consequences of each stipulation. He was kind in explaining the legal repercussions of my decisions, strategic in his execution of the agreements/ filings and committed as a Pitbull while representing us in court. He shepherd me and my children in that tumultuous time and provided us with a solid base from where we were able to reconfigure our lives and move on. His staff is superb. The senior paralegal, is equal parts a top notch seasoned legal professional and equal part "therapist". I could have not made it without their advice and support. 5 stars.


Complexity made simple

Posted by Lola
October 14th

Mr. Katz was recommended to me thru a mutual friend. I knew the time had come to "put a fork in the marriage", but I was scared. My husband earned the money, I was the housewife and mother to our four children. He explained my rights and my husbands obligations to the children and me. After that I knew the time was right. Then I went and did something stupid!! I hired a cheaper lawyer who treated me like a number and NEVER returned my calls. They were dragging their feet, as I came to learn, they were a "warehouse" law firm. That means offering cheap rates because they deal in quantity not quality! Hence the no return phone call issue. I fired them, and hired Joshua. What a difference! He fixed the errors of the previous attorney and worked magic and negotiated a more than fair settlement without having to go to trial. And, he did it in less time than it took the previous attorney to do anything on my case. You want quality in your corner, trust me on that! Quality = Joshua Katz.


Posted by Leni
October 26th

Mr. Katz is currently litigating a contentious divorce for me in Supreme Court. My case involves divorce, custody disputes, protection orders, support, maintenance, and separation of assets. Josh has been an asset both in the courtroom and out by giving me knowledgeable advice on even small things such as what to wear to court, and exceptional representation when advocating for my financial future. His office staff is polite, his retainer reasonable, and I have never waited more than 24 hours for a return phone call. I highly recommend working with Josh Katz if you are in need of legal representation.


Posted by Linda
October 15th

The decision to file for divorce was stressful, but deciding who will handle the divorce seemed just as difficult..... untill my initial meeting with Joshua Katz. I felt totally comfortable speaking with him and was confident he was going to help me. Three years into a long and dragged out divorce ...that finally was completed ...Joshua Katz proved repeatedly his dedication, hard work, persistence, loyalty and honesty! I could not thank him enough for being a huge support and helping me get through a difficult time and very difficult process. I have already recommended him to others and have only heard positive comments.

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